April 28, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread all over the world, logistics and supply chain operations are dramatically affected throughout the world. The supply chain disruptions will have both long-term and short-term impacts on businesses.

The changing government steps and quarantine measures could make it difficult for freight service providers to keep freight moving smoothly throughout the country for the coming weeks.

This compels companies in the logistics industry to understand the demand impact specific to their business, create short-term demand-supply synchronization strategy, prepare for potential channel shifts, and conduct global scenario planning.

A traditional market that connects vendors and customers has been rendered inaccessible in such trying times due to government lockdowns and social distancing & isolation policies followed world-wide.

As the challenges grow in the traditional sphere, new opportunities have started coming up in the technological sphere. Let us explore.

Challenges faced by the Logistics industry due to COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 has severely impacted and is completely reshaping the logistics and delivery industry. There is a constant struggle to keep food, medicines, and essential supplies moving.

Businesses engaged in providing delivery solutions are having a hard time dealing with employee safety measures, processing of orders, and ensuring the profitability of the business.

The entire process of logistics has to be revamped to meet the COVID-19 prevention criteria.

While the challenges faced are numerous, there is also an increased demand since more people now choose to get essential goods delivered.

Logistics businesses now have to sustain this increased demand amidst such harsh and uncertain circumstances.

What are we doing?

We, at ShapShap, are committed to providing fast, convenient, and reliable delivery of food, medicines, and other essential commodities from your nearest stores to your doorstep.

In such difficult times, we work with twice the dedication to ensure that our customers stay safe and get what they need. ShapShap provides an online marketplace in the form of a mobile application that connects customers with vendors.

Customers can use this platform to order food, groceries, medicines and other essential items from vendors near them and get them delivered to their homes the same day itself.

Vendors can register on our platform to be able to sell products to customers through our application.

This presents a win-win situation for both customers and vendors since the customers get what they need without ever leaving the comfort of their homes, and the vendors get to increase their sales and earn some profits even in difficult times.

To tackle the COVID-19 crisis and continue our operations, we, at ShapShap, have introduced some new measures to make our deliveries safer.

We have trained our staff in essential COVID-19 prevention measures. We are also providing contactless deliveries so that more than prescribed distance is maintained between customers and delivery executives.

We are also offering one hour of free deliveries every day between 12 PM to 1 PM so that ordering for essential from nearby vendors does not cost you more than it usually does.

We are committed to serving you in these trying times.

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