April 28, 2021

“Do you like my office?” I asked one of my team members as she stepped into the office for a meeting, the first meeting in the newly furnished office space. I am proud of my office, never mind that it is in a container. You know, the types that you ship cars in. I’m still proud of it, proud of the journey it took to get to where I am today. I tell you, it is very satisfying to start a project and see it come to life, day after day. Like watching your child blossom into a man or woman, that adds value to the lives of others around him. So indeed, I am proud of my office at the CANs ground and my message to someone out there is, go for it, start that project you have in mind, go through the process and learn from the mistakes, have the Big Picture in mind because when you do succeed, you will be the dark horse no one ever saw coming.

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