Proactive Steps to Foster Election Success in Nigeria.

February 17, 2023

Nigeria is a nation known for its passion for politics, and with the elections coming up, it’s important for citizens to take proactive steps to ensure success at the polling booths. We have seen an increase in participation of Nigerians in the elections. INEC recorded a 11% increase in the number of registered voters from 2019. A successful election is not just the responsibility of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) or the government, but the responsibility of every Nigerian. Moreso, with the Zabe app, everyone can fully participate and be a part of the electoral process beyond voting. Here are some proactive steps that Nigerians can take to ensure success at the polling booths during the elections later this month.

Staying informed about the candidates and parties vying for various positions is vital to making well-informed decisions. Attending political rallies and debates, reading news articles, and watching political programs on TV will help you make an informed decision on who to vote for. Research on the track records of the candidates and their plans for the country, so they can make the best decision for themselves and the nation.

Encourage others to vote by educating them, especially those in far-flung communities. It’s important for family, friends, acquaintances, and everyone to participate in the election. They should make sure they understand the importance of their vote and the role it plays in determining the future of the country. With the voter education feature of the Zabe app, anyone can learn on the go. Moreso, you can get verified election news on the go. It has an offline feature that allows you to interact with the app’s features regardless of the strength of the network.

Individuals can also volunteer as election observers. By becoming trained observers or volunteering to monitor the polling booths, they can ensure that the process is transparent and fair. Election observers play an essential role in ensuring the credibility of the electoral process. They get involved to detect and report any irregularities or fraudulent activities during the voting process, and this can be carried out on the Zabe app. With the app, you can post election results live from your polling unit.

Any irregularities or fraudulent activities should be reported  to the relevant authorities immediately. Reporting such activities will help to prevent and deter election malpractice.

Peace should be maintained. We should ensure that they and those around them maintain a peaceful and non-violent atmosphere before, during, and after the election. We should refrain from engaging in any form of violence or inciting others to do so. This will help ensure a peaceful and successful election process.

Lastly, Nigerians should exercise their right to vote. On election day, they should go out and exercise their right to vote. They should ensure that they follow the electoral guidelines and do not engage in any form of electoral malpractice. Patience and orderliness should be exercised while waiting to cast votes.

In conclusion, the responsibility of ensuring a successful election is not just that of the government or INEC, it is the responsibility of every Nigerian citizen. By taking proactive steps like staying informed about the candidates, encouraging others to vote, volunteering as election observers, reporting any irregularities or fraudulent activities, maintaining peace, exercising their right to vote, and maximizing the features of the Zabe App, Nigerians can help ensure a successful and peaceful election process. You can Download the Zabe app HERE.

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