How Do Companies Get Good Employees?

October 22, 2021

How Do Companies Get Good Employees?

In the words of justin kon the founder of twitch good employees are best found in other companies and to get them you need to poached them, not that we are saying good people don’t exist out there just that the easier way to cut the process of trial and error is to get someone already tested and proven but also be willing to make it worthwhile for them.

The corporate world is a very interesting place to be, especially when you start delving into the field of how do companies get good employees. It is a field filled with many different opportunities and challenges for all types of companies.

Each type of position has its own requirements in terms of personality and skills. It takes a lot of training and knowledge to be able to be a successful put in place a sales or marketing executive.

When you go through the recruiting process of finding a new employee or trying to retain an existing one, you should consider personality when it comes to their work. Personality is the ability to handle yourself and others around you. This also includes communication skills and decision making.

There are many people who come highly recommended for a specific position. However, that does not mean that they will be the right person for the job.

Sometimes these recommendations are given out of a sense of gratitude or desperation not putting into account what it could cost the company or organization.

When a person comes highly recommended for a sales or marketing position they need to have some work put into their resume. The recruiters want to see the type of sales or marketing background that the person has.
Here are some few tips when recruiting

Establish a Hiring Process.

You should not take recruiting lightly. You’ll need to make it repeatable and easy for others to follow. You should document the hiring process that you feel is most effective for your company.

When candidates can be identified easily, interviewees will know you have identified the right hiring process, references are easy to verify but you need to uncover applicants behaviour during interviews.

A Culture People Would Leave a High-Paying Job for.

One of the best ways to do this is to have a solid and generationally-inclusive benefits package. According to Yoh estimates that 50% of Americans who are employed would be willing to leave their job in exchange for better benefits. With 5 generations working together, benefits are not enough.

While these benefits don’t need to cost you a lot, they should also serve as being attractive and unique. Examples include pet insurance, team outings every month, Friday pints of ice-cream free, and unlimited paid time off. Unlimited PTO Research has shown that employees who have unlimited PTO are not likely to use their time off.

Why should small business prioritize finding great employees?

Employees who are not a good fit for the company are especially costly to small businesses. If you have a small number of employees, the exit of one employee can mean a larger percentage of your workforce.

Small businesses are always changing due to new technology, new service areas and changes in process. Your organisation might be relying more on employees who have a lot of legacy knowledge than fully documented operating procedures.

Investing in people that will remain with your company for many years is the best way to ensure your business’s stability and growth over time.

Spot out where to look for

Partnering with a human resource management (HCM), provider is a good option if you have high turnover issues or want to hire better people. HCMs offer a variety of solutions. These include applicant tracking systems, which can seamlessly integrate with social media, assessment tools, and background screenings. These solutions can help you find top talent and free you up to focus on strategic projects.

Make proper use of the tool LINKEDIN

Employers should invest time and effort in their LinkedIn presence, just as individual workers do to stay active on LinkedIn to make connections, find out about job trends and see what opportunities exist.

If you run your own business, make sure to add contacts and post to your personal page as well as your company profile. It is possible to form partnerships with other organizations in your locality, keep on the fringe of professionals who might one day apply for your company’s position, and to update your profile to reflect the latest trends and standards on LinkedIn.

Although ‘brand reputation’ is often associated with consumer-facing marketing campaigns, positive brand representations can also be valuable for employers. LinkedIn is a great source for employee leads, both for recurring job search and quick hires.

Give your current employees incentives for good referrals

You can also use your employees to find qualified candidates that will fit into your organization’s team. Incentives can be offered for employee refers which lead to a hiring or a stay of over a specified period.

And by doing so if they are a bad hire your employees will take responsibility for them. Your employees will spread the word about the openings due to the incentives, which can be a fraction of traditional advertising or posts. People with similar emotional and mental characteristics to your current employees will be more likely to find a job. This is crucial for collaboration and creating a positive company culture.

For your business to grow, it is crucial to find and keep great employees. A strong benefits package is key to attracting top talent as well as retaining employees. Superannuation services tailored to your business’s needs and goals will keep your business strong.

How to find good employees

Online job boards can be used to post your wanted candidates and you can also specify the qualifications needed for your open positions. Many job boards offer a large database of qualified candidates which you can use to filter and eliminate the undesired candidates.
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