April 28, 2021

Nigeria is a country of over 200 million people. Of the 200 million people only a few percentages are keen on technology. What is the reason for the dearth of the most important aspect of human existence in Nigeria?

Let’s examine the process of technology over the years in Nigeria. In Pre-colonial era, history informs us that our ancestors made tools from which they farmed and hunted with.

Archeological finds have discovered the iron technology of the NOK culture. Why then did this development come to a standstill? For such a long time the narrative has blamed the standstill on imperialism.

This may have been true but we have spent well over 50 years pointing fingers and guess what?!!! We’re still stuck in a rut. Maybe not exactly stuck but we are not moving at a very encouraging pace as compared to our peers.

In my opinion, we should plant technology in our young ones and watch it grow, in a very few years we will most likely plant our flag on the moon. Ours is a Nation of very industrious people, with the right mindset and tools we can …

Or could the reason be we are averse to what we perceive as the negative effects of technology? Take for instance a conversation I had with a member of my team on A.I. She was of the opinion that Artificial Intelligence was taking over the jobs of humans.

I hope to speak on this one day. Her sentiment is one that is shared by a good number of people and until we embrace technology and all its positivity, we will not take our place …

I’m afraid that we could talk about this day after day and still not get any results. We must take our cue from societies where science seems to flourish. The kids in these societies are taught to embrace science and not fear it. Much is invested in the promotion of science as, like it or not, science is the future.

My thoughts? Let’s grow science in the minds of future generations. Encourage it and watch as our society progresses.

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