Dear Therapy

Dear Therapy was conceived to help educate parents and other child support systems on the
benefit of social and emotional learning to a child’s development path, give kids easy access
to safe space to talk about stuff while providing them with the skills and resources to get
through their everyday life and effectively manage their emotions.

With a rise in the awareness of mental health issues affecting children and adolescents, Dear
Therapy will leverage technology, partnering with online counselling services to further sell
the benefits of therapy while helping kids live healthy productive lives. Partnerships will also
include mental health professionals and organizations, children psychologists across the
country, as well as other stakeholders with interest and commitment to child development
through early intervention.

Body of work
Dear Therapy is a 2days program of one-on-one therapy sessions with professionals. The
program will kickstart with outreach to schools across the region to place invitations with
parents to come along with their kids or allow them to be a part of the upcoming event.