April 28, 2021

It baffles me when people say ‘Robots will one day take over the world’. In my opinion, that is a complete fallacy.
There are a number of myths surrounding Robots and by extension, Artificial Intelligence. Let’s just look over them a bit shall we?
• One day Robots will rule over humans
While that might not be a bad thing but it is most likely never going to happen. Let’s be clear, robots have no brains, they operate from a set of commands inputted by human beings. If they ever, in any unlikely event, rule over humans, you can rest assured that they are obeying a set of commands of another human being. That would, therefore, mean that another human being is using the robot to carry out his or her whims. On the contrary, however, robots have been in the habit of saving human lives in various capacities
– They assist in highly complex surgeries with precision
– Nano robots implanted in humans can be used to fight diseases
– Robots have been used in detonating landmines

• Robots are better than humans
I know this is quite easy to believe, considering the speed at which they are able to access data but consider this, the human mind is a whirlpool of capabilities that cannot be matched. Intelligence does not necessarily mean book smart but also the ability to interact, adapt, communicate with different emotions etc. This is not something robots do. Of course, depending on their processing power, they are quite fast, not plagued with diseases and strong (depending on the tasks they have been assembled to perform), but that does not mean they are smarter than humans.

• Robots have feelings
No, they don’t. Let us not get carried away with the dramatic and sensational movie scripts, Alexa has no emotions. If anything, your emotion is what gives A.I some semblance of emotions. Robots do not have a nervous system and therefore do not have the cognizance to know right from wrong or good from the bad.

There are many more misconceptions surrounding robotics and some of these are framed by sci-fi movies and so on

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