April 28, 2021

Would you be willing to have a chip inserted into your brain if it were to say, make you superhuman and more effective? Before you say no, think about the array of devices that surrounds us.

Take for instance your fitness tracker which collects information from your body’s activity and transmits it to your device, though it is not under your skin or in your head, it is still transmitting data from you to a computer. There is the smart wristwatch, HUD, smart eye-wear, jewellery, and even clothing.

Wearables have reached across every imaginable sector of the human society and Economy – In Entertainment, Agriculture, Health, Fashion etc.
Neuralink, a start-up by Elon Musk, recently claimed to have developed a chip that when inserted into the human brain could transmit data from your brain to, for now, an Apple app on our computer.

The idea is not new, for decades, scientists have worked on a solution that involves some sort of telepathy that would enable human beings to transmit information from their brains to a computer.

Facebook is currently working on a non-invasive app – referred to as a ‘Direct Brain Interface’, that could be used to send messages telepathically.

The difference between the earlier testings and what Neuralink is working on is dependent on the miniaturized components used by the start-up.

Unlike previous testings that required the test subjects be hooked to a computer, Neuralink’s brain chip promises to be installed by a robot and wirelessly connected to the iPhone App.
There are of course proponents and opponents of the Neuralink Brain chip.

Those for it believe that it is more cost-effective and unlikely to be bulky, citing the advantages to patients with congenital defects and quadriplegics. The opponents cite ethical, privacy and security reasons against the idea of a chip in the brain.

Both sides of the argument are right though but with everything else, there are risks and the future is for those willing to take risks. As humans, we should be breaking glass ceilings. Think about it.

Imagine a society where technology is our ticket to a future that is limitless. I say, ‘what a time to be alive’.
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