April 28, 2021

There’s a narrative that ”African systems are chronically inefficient”, this statement comes to life in the very way of lives of the people. With the many struggles, hardships of everyday people, many of which have come to see this as the norm.

When carefully considered, it’s not impossible to build systems that work in this terrain, as a matter of fact, there’s a dire need for creative solutions that actually work now more than ever. Most especially in sectors that weigh on the lives of the people every day.

Transportation and package delivery are an essential part of development in every nation of the world since the beginning of time, and I strongly believe an improvement in the systems that control or affect the ease of transportation will have a heavy, positive effect on the economy.

That’s why to tackle the problems facing last-mile delivery, at ShapShap, we build and constantly improve on systems & processes that connect people and advance businesses in Africa using local logic.

It’s for a fact that 90% of businesses in Africa rely on last-mile logistics for survival and most struggle to find reliable fulfilment partners.

The consequence is, multiple businesses (SMEs) sink daily. This is very counter-productive since businesses play a huge role in national development. In my opinion, what Nigerians and Nigerian business need is not just a service provider but a service provider that understands the landscape and can sympathize with the needs.

It’s not enough to have professional delivery service structures, there must be sympathy, understanding, selflessness, dedication and that is exactly what we’re bringing to the table.

The riders understand the people because they are also everyday people who adapted to step into the shoes of superman have accepted the cape of heroism. The approach to doing timely, efficient deliveries quickly shifts when the mindset is not to simply deliver a service but to contribute to national and continental development.

It becomes doing more, going the extra last mile to enable people to do more and be more of themselves, whilst embracing opportunities for development and setting the premise for creating and sustaining real connections.

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