April 26, 2021

It gets quite overwhelming for an entrepreneur to deal with the regular challenges of the business world. We live in a world where businesses are quite unpredictable and the success of your company depends on your passion, preparation, and the level of effort you are willing to put in. Research shows that around 20% of the startups fail within the first two years of starting the business and almost half of these companies do not survive the next 5 years.

Focusing on the good aspects of entrepreneurship will not suffice. You must pay equal attention to the mistakes that startups and even established companies are likely to make in order to keep growing. Below we are going to list a few mistakes that every entrepreneur must avoid.

Afraid of Failure
You cannot achieve new heights or expand your company if you are not willing to bear the risk of failure. It is normal for startups to lose clients, get negative feedback, and experience failure in businesses. However, this must not let you stop. You are rather supposed to learn from your mistakes, instead of focusing on the failure.

Not Focusing on Your Target Audience
You can’t really know if your customers are satisfied with your services until you invite them to offer feedback. Developing codes might seem easier than interacting with customers for the IT experts. However, you need to remember that having the best and cheapest products does not always mean a successful business. Focus on your target audience, conduct thorough research, gather the details of your customers, and build your business around them.

Trying to Manage Everything Single-Handedly
It might seem a reliable option at the beginning, but managing everything on your own will only lead you to failure. Having a business set up and running is definitely not a cakewalk. You will have to work closely with the counsel, marketing team, IT experts, and employees to get the regular work done. Successful Nigerian entrepreneurs are those who onboard the qualified and experienced team members.

Working with the Wrong Investors
The role of the investors for a startup is beyond investment. They are the financial backers that enjoy great power over your business. After all, they are willing to invest in your business without asking for any proof of success. In other words, the investors you choose for your business must have trust in your potential. They must work with you to grow your company. You can read the Nigerian entrepreneur success story to get a better idea of the type of investors your startup needs.

Avoiding Contracts
It may take a few hours to draft a legal agreement for your business operations, but the time and money you spend on the contracts are worth the results. Whether you are working with the business coach Nigeria or Nigerian social entrepreneurs, you must always have a contract in place. You may have a perfect relationship with the person, but it is not going to work without a contract.

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