April 26, 2021
The rise of e-commerce in Africa is beating it’s all-time high every day, but for this industry to step into its next stage of development, it has to beat the eminent problem of last-mile delivery. Getting the product from the transportation hub or vendor’s business to a customer’s doorstep. While the rest of the world focuses on reaching its consumers faster than ever before, Nigerian e-commerce businesses must focus on cracking the last-mile challenge. To this extent, it entails making goods available to the consumers irrespective of their location and on-time. Let us not forget that most African businesses are informal with vendors operating from home, thus creating a bigger demand for deliveries than the rest of the world. With unforeseeable and unpredictable delivery delays, e-commerce businesses in some markets are still struggling to earn the trust of consumers with efficient delivery. The only way to survive and grow in this region is to build a model that leverages hyper-local & practical solutions for its last-mile delivery problem. In Nigeria, much like anywhere else in the world, technology is transforming the way we interact with businesses and the way we consume goods and services. Technology and digital transformation have helped ensure that everyone in the supply chain is connected to ensure the safety and accountability of the cargo in transit. Nowadays, call centre staff are able to monitor deliveries en route in real-time and communicate directly with drivers, manufacturers, and distributors, aided by GPS technology. At ShapShap, we provide technology-driven solutions for all the delivery and logistics needs of our fellow Nigerians. We make use of technology and efficient multi-modal delivery systems to provide fast, convenient, and reliable door-to-door delivery of food, medicine, and other essential items to our customers. With the aid of modern technology, we are able to provide geolocation and live order tracking, accurate per km costing, and seamless user experience for customers as well as vendors. Our multimodal delivery strategy makes use of multiple modes of transport to get to hard-to-reach and congested areas to make deliveries to customers. Our delivery executives, at ShapShap, are provided with multiple options for making deliveries depending on the delivery location and the urgency of the task. These methods range from motorbike, car, van, tricycle, bicycle, and roller-skates as a means of transport while making deliveries. At ShapShap we execute a system of logistics and delivery management that is tailored and optimized for the Nigerian landscape and business environment. Our aim is to bring Nigeria at par with the developed economies of the world when it comes to logistics management and efficiency so that we can facilitate other businesses to grow and aid in the economic development of our great Nation. Shap Shap is here to serve the needs of all consumers by making shopping for daily essential commodities an effortless and seamless experience at the comfort and convenience of your home. We aim to revolutionize the delivery service industry in Nigeria making same-day delivery our benchmark in every situation. The use of technology and our strong determination drives us to deliver beyond your expectations with your customer satisfaction as our biggest achievement.
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