April 26, 2021

 Food delivery and the Foodtech industry largely depend on the smooth operation and functioning of two factors. First is the optimum use of technology for online ordering to make the whole experience as user-friendly and customer-centric as possible. Second is the delivery of the food which not only has to be on time but additionally requires correct packaging and handling.


We go the extra step to appease our loyal customers by providing them with the option of ordering online right from ShapShap mobile application. Our application improves the speed and ease of ordering food online. Returning customers stay logged into the app, with their essential details like contact details saved, along with most ordered food items, favourite restaurants, etc., and place their order in just a few clicks.


We understand that nothing displeases customers more than their food orders delivered to them late. Not only is late delivery of food a major turnoff, but more time taken to deliver the food is also likely to affect the quality of the food. There are a lot of situations where time is of the essence, and any unplanned delay can result in the food getting spoilt or rendered inedible.


At ShapShap, we are making significant progress in avoiding such situations completely with the help of technology. We have automated the process of assigning delivery orders through our mobile platform. Our Rider’s app allows us to assign orders to our riders based on their availability, location, and distance from the delivery address. We are able to track them in real-time and get in touch with them instantaneously in case they are taking longer than usual or not following the shortest route.


Once the food is ready, it needs to be packaged and prepared for delivery, which involves bagging the food, putting it in proper containers, providing necessary utensils or condiments, and checking to make sure all of the components have been placed in the bag securely. Our Delivery Executives usually have several deliveries at once, so all orders need to be placed in the hot case to keep hot food warm, and then get them delivered to the customers at their delivery location. We ensure that our Delivery Executives are equipped with all the proper equipment and packaging material for delivering all your orders safely and securely.


We also take the time to measure our efforts at regular intervals. A track of the number of online orders we receive in a day, the sources from where we receive them, the frequency of orders, and other forms of data make it possible to take policy decisions that help us keep improving our customer’s service experience. We also monitor our app’s analytics to see how customers are accessing our application and online ordering system.


To sum up, We at ShapShap constantly strive to provide a smooth and seamless online ordering experience for our customers. Aimed at overcoming all logistical challenges related to same-day and last-mile delivery issues by the use of technology, analytics, and sincere dedication.

Everything we do, we do to empower Africans daily using localized technology. Take our hand, and join our chain of satisfied customers in Lagos & Abuja  today





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